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  Berlin Foundry and Machine Co.
Tissue Banding
  Limit Switches: Micro type, 110 volts

Control Panel: Normally mounted on machine (can be mounted free-standing) control buttons on left side (glue pot side) of machine on standard machines. Control devices are A-B, GE & C-H

Bander Speed: Can be set up to run at 30 to 44 bundles per minute - speed required must be stated upon order date, and can be adjusted in field by changing pulleys

Lubrication: We use a manual one shot oil system and all grease points are at the ends of the machine for easy access.

Belts: On in-feed conveyors we used 3/16" thick canvas or other appropriate conveyor belts. In the compression in-feeds of the C-fold and S-fold we can use endless leather belts, poly-v belts or other suitable types. The M-fold has no compression in-feed belts and if the new Paper Converting folder is purchased which can deliver C-fold, S-fold or M-fold towels in bundles (like std. C-fold) we would supply a turret in-feed and compression in-feed with NO belts.

Safety Devices: Banders have a hand wheel so machine can be cycled manually for timing and/or jam up repairs - it disengages power.
There are wrap and main drive safety switches to shut down machine if wrap or bundles jam up. All banders are guarded.
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